Jon Mikel

The first one-man show to be held in an institutional art centre since the year 2003. Many of the sculptures materially specify some of those possibilities in a series of gestures in the body of the building, in the form of in situ documentation exercises.

June Crespo

June Crespo understands sculpture as an exercise that enables her to bring together seemingly opposed qualities. Her works partake equally of the petrean and the perishable, the mechanised and the manual, the abject and the sensuous. The convergence between materials and motifs creates a vocabulary that seems interpretable as a contradiction.

Xabier Salaberria

In his work, Xabier Salaberria explores the forms in which certain structures behave in specific spaces, perverting their apparent neutrality and questioning the categories in which they are conventionally inscribed.

Visitas posicionadas
Visitas posicionadas
Todos los domingos

Visitas posicionadas 2023

El departamento de educación del Museo CA2M desarrolla una línea de trabajo encaminada a desarrollar visitas temáticas en las que invitar a artistas y creadores a acercar las exposiciones a los espectadores a través de sus prácticas.

Cine Interespecial
2 February to 13 April 2023


This film series - understood as a popular manifestation of contemporary anxieties - seeks to explore the relationship between species and the relationship of human beings with their environment from different perspectives; some more catastrophic and others more friendly and hopeful, in tune with Donna J. Haraway's vision.

Coro Amateur 2023


An Amateur Choir is a creative project that welcomes any kind of voice which wishes to participate. Besides our own experimental sessions every second Thursday, we also have sessions with artists who work with the voice and listening.

Baile impar
Del 7 de febrero al 6 de junio de 2023


Baile impar es un taller donde practicar en trío bailes clásicos de pareja. Está dirigido a todo tipo de cuerpos que hayan tenido a su vez todo tipo de experiencias en pistas, verbenas y salones.

Burr Studio

Un museo de arte contemporáneo tiene una naturaleza cambiante, fluida y transformadora, como corresponde a una institución dedicada al arte por venir. Además, al Museo CA2M le caracteriza un patrimonio singular de públicos habituados a utilizar sin impedimento los espacios liminales sembrados por todo el museo. Se propuso crear un nuevo punto de recepción en 2021. En este caso, el estudio de arquitectura BURR ha respondido al encargo urgente con un volumen que funciona como un “santo de vestir”.


There is a signature feature to Hannah Collins’s photos of urban horizons: the sky is always tinted with a strange colour. Like the images over the credits of an imaginary film, this photo captures the feeling that a particular place—whether through premeditated cultural references or a subjective impression—produced in the artist at a certain point in time.

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Entre. Studio Animal.

The Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Museum receives a special mention in the first edition of the Outstanding Practices Outstanding Museum Practices Award 2021 by the CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art) of ICOM . A recognition of the work of the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in response to the consequences of the global pandemic.