Mitsuo Miura

Mitsuo Miura arrived to Barcelona from Japan in 1966 with a suitcase in either hand and just a bare few words of Spanish. Armed with his oriental tempo, he sat down on a bench in Plaza de Cataluña to watch how this city by the sea passed by. Ever since, the young Japanese artist never stopped observing each and every one of the landscapes in which his personal life experiences have been played out. And so we could view his exhibitions as invitations to contemplation and displacement, almost always related with wellbeing, memory and pleasure.

Alexander Apóstol

Alexander Apóstol’s projects build a critical analysis of the aesthetic processes of political construction in his native Venezuela. Like other artists from his generation, who started to exhibit their work in the early-nineties, Apóstol (Barquisimeto, 1969) used the tools of photography and video as key elements in a critique of representation, in which the visual culture produced by power and the mass media—with their stereotypes, clichés, concealments and propagandas—is co-opted as the raw material of the work of contemporary art.

elena alonso

Al cuidado de las pequeñas sombras (In the care of the small shadows) is a site-specific installation created by Elena Alonso for the terrace of the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Museum, consisting of four sculptures conceived as a bat shelter.

Laguna Coperlim
24th May to 13th December

Ciudad Sur is a shared experimental space begun in 2021 which, taking its starting point in Móstoles, wishes to explore the many faces and manifold riches that generate a sense of belonging in the cities within the metropolitan area of Madrid. Its second edition is called Brota invisible (Invisible Flow).

Un encuentro fugaz
every Wednesday


Aimed at secondary school students, this visit-workshop focuses on the act of painting, and more specifically on thinking about colours. If you give them time, colours become mysterious. Many of them came about initially as pigments for artistic painting; sometimes their names refer to the geographical regions where they were first used or found, or to the minerals and chemical substances used in their composition.

practicas de vuelo
Teacher training


At the beginning of the school year we held a performance workshop for teachers, educators and artists interested in education. It is a week of working with the body in which we join forces and reflect on educational processes and the performativity of education.

Gonçalo Sena

This fountain is made through a twofold transformation of materials sourced from nature. Firstly, marble—the material par excellence of classical sculpture—is a previously cut piece which was perhaps originally destined for industrial use.


There is a signature feature to Hannah Collins’s photos of urban horizons: the sky is always tinted with a strange colour. Like the images over the credits of an imaginary film, this photo captures the feeling that a particular place—whether through premeditated cultural references or a subjective impression—produced in the artist at a certain point in time.

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    The Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo Museum receives a special mention in the first edition of the Outstanding Practices Outstanding Museum Practices Award 2021 by the CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art) of ICOM . A recognition of the work of the Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo in response to the consequences of the global pandemic.