Acento 2021


During this three-day event some of the projects conceived and developed during the 2020 programme will be presented and a meeting place will be facilitated with the artists in the 2021-2022 programme. Over these days the two organising institutions wish to place the accent on ideas that arose during artistic experimentation using the body, understanding it as the social body and a political construct that produces knowledge through the senses.

The exhibition presenting the projects will be held on May 12, 13 and 14 at La Casa Encendida and at CA2M.

The artists selected in 2020 were: Pablo Araya, Clara Best y Siwar Peralta, Amaia Bono and Damián Montesdeoca, Luz Broto, Jacobo Cayetano García Fouz, Clara García Fraile, Iniciativa sexual femenina, Sofía Montenegro and Amaranta Velarde.

In collaboration with:

La Casa Encendida






Video del Festival Acento 2021. Artistas en residencia.
Type of activity
Intended for
Anyone interested
18:00 to 21:00 h
12, 13 and 14 May
Acento 2021. Miércoles 12 de Mayo
Date of event
Acento 2021. Jueves 13 de mayo
Date of event
Acento 2021. Viernes 14 de mayo
Date of event
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