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For the sixth year in a row, the self-publishing music festival organised by the Autoplacer/Sindicalistas collective arrives back to CA2M with a programme of live music throughout the whole day, with some of the best underground and independent Spanish groups.

Starting at twelve noon we will have a chance to catch eight concerts on the ground and first floor of the museum, including the presentation of the winning group in the Autoplacer annual rough-cuts competition and several Dance Floor sessions thanks to the collaboration of the electronic music collectives Paraíso Madrid and Valle Eléctrico. There will also be a chance to check out our screening room in “Sesión Continua” with video playlists by the editor Servando Rocha and the producer Kikol Grau. And, like other years, we also have an area for presenting independent projects where you will find loads of self-published records, cassettes, t-shirts, books, fanzines and comics as well as all kinds of underground merchandising. And to top it all off, we have a vermouth session on the terrace at midday and a few other surprises waiting in store. 

Admission free until capacity is reached.


Joe Crepúsculo is appearing at the festival to present his latest album, Nuevos Misterios. Music that conjures up beautiful visions: a gigantic, luxurious cruise ship full of curious tourists is majestically crossing a peaceful bay; pine trees swaying in the breeze blowing off the Mediterranean sea; big and little clubs with their dance floors flashing with light and the sound that wafts through the twilight.

Joe Crepúsculo

WILD HONEY. Guillermo Farré is the composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Madrid hiding behind the moniker Wild Honey. Guillermo’s debut recording as Wild Honey was a bedroom project in which he did almost everything himself. In 2015 Wild Honey is releasing Medalla de plata singing for the first time in Spanish.

Wild Honey

SIERRA. Sierra is the new project by Hugo Sierra (Margarita and Prisma en Llamas). In his latest guise as Sierra he is paving his own path as an artist creating true gems of passionate crystalline pop back with simple, direct instrumentation. With a range of influences spanning from Colin Newman and Julian Cope to early Depeche Mode and The Cure, the words are like blows of illuminated sincerity..


CORTE MODERNO. Corte Moderno is a Barcelona-based group formed by Xabel Ferreiro (Montañas, ¡Pelea!), Jordi González (Kana Kapila, Cotolengo) and El Ortiga (Anticonceptivas, Thelemáticos, ¡Pelea!). On Saturday 26 they are presenting their latest work, Negociudad, a dissonant dystopia in the shape of a conceptual concert with sound design by Guillem G. Peeters and illustrations by Antoni Hervàs.

Corte moderno

RATA NEGRA. Rata Negra combines and plays with expressive styles that, over the passing of time, have led to their own signature sound, assimilating different influences to produce a unique mix. Some people will be able to detect echoes of Bauhaus, Killing Joke, Siouxsie and The Cure; others will be reminded of New Buildings making stripped-down punk.

Rata negra

MACARENA FVO. Macarena FVO is a group founded by the singer Macarena, the archaeologist-cum-saxophonist Santiago Rodrigo, the swagger poet Vicente Monroy, the producer and influencer from Valencia Muerte Horrible and the mezzosoprano and performer Anita Robla. They define their style as post electro fancy witch french touch.

Macarena FVO

JULIÁN MAYORGA. Julián Mayorga is a Colombian musician and artist based in Madrid. His music switches between poetry and machine, with elements from traditional songs, experimental music, electronica and surrealist poetry.

Julián Mayorga

PAN TOTAL. Winner of the Autoplacer rough-cuts competition in 2015, Pan Total came about from a cult non-supergroup from Logroño called La Pantaloneta. Eduardo, Víctor, Miryam and Fernando play a kind of dark guitar pop indebted to the eighties, with reminders of post-punk and new wave. Their influences include such disparate names as Television Personalities, Golpes Bajos and Los Pegamoides.

Pan total



PARAÍSO. Since 2012 the collective Paraíso Madrid has been carrying our public and private playful and aesthetic interventions in the field of clubs, night life and music culture. It has a long-standing collaboration with Autoplacer, and for the festival in 2015 it will be showcasing its own particular way of building up a dance floor.

VALLE ELÉCTRICO. Valle Eléctrico is a cultural platform with a mandate to provide visibility to music groups whose sound is built around a synthesizer. This instrument has been the backbone of electronic music and its derivations in new music genes


UN POCO DE PELEA, UN POCO DE RUMBLE – Vídeo Playlist by Servando Rocha. Back in 1958 Link Wray released his successful single Rumble, an instrumental song that immediately stirred up great controversy. Every time it was played it was almost as if an outbreak of subcultural violence was feared. Rumble was a slang word for a gang fight among the first black hipsters in Harlem. It proved to be one of the most influential examples of white appropriation of black culture, trying to imitate its streetwise, dangerous and uncontrollable undercurrent. Rumble!

MATERIA PRIMA – Vídeo Playlist by Kikol Grau. This session speaks to us of origins, of rights and of the process of how images are manufactured and also the quality of materials. He will be showing extracts from his own recordings made with film clips, promotional videos, from archives in the public domain and private archives or downloaded from YouTube.


MUSIC FOR PEACE. “We don’t want to change the world, only the bit around us”. Música por la Paz (Music for Peace) creates spaces where qualified teachers can lend educational support to young people who attend their centres, as well as giving them a good snack to eat every day. Música por la Paz is a non-profit organisation funded exclusively by contributions from its collaborators. It also offers activities related with music, theatre, sports, painting and sculpture, among others, in classes given by volunteers with the necessary background and qualifications".

SISTERHOOD. Sisterhood is a self-run community based on feminism, a mutant collective which produces a fanzine of the same name, parties and revolutions. Always in a process of construction, it is still in the making and creating new off-shoots. It takes shape in reverberations of cultural artefacts that echo in our thoracic cavity.

MONOCROMO. Monocromo is a label producing DIY illustration, fanzines, t-shirts, and music. Negro metal is its first project: over 40 logos of icons of Spanish music reinterpreted in a black metal aesthetic, published in fanzine format, Tumblr, t-shirts and stickers.

LA INTEGRAL. For many years now, La Integral has brought together in the one space the work of various artists and designers with the purpose of promoting their work and other products which find it difficult to get a commercial release. La Integral are regulars at the Autoplacer and for them this festival means being able to provide a new platform for a few hours for its independent productions like records, books, fanzines, magazines and t-shirts. And also, of course, to have a good time.

MINCHO. Minchō. Illustration & Graphic Arts Magazine is a quarterly publication for lovers of illustration and magazine collectors. Although every day we consume comics, cartoons, newspapers strips, concert posters … we have no in-depth knowledge of the work of the artists who have designed some of the most significant images of our time. The sixth issue of Minchō continues in its endeavour to bring together a good sample of the new trends and experimentation in graphics closely tied in with culture today.

LA NEGRA. La Negra is a new vinyl record shop located in the heart of the Prosperidad district in Madrid. Its goal is to be a refuge for music lovers nostalgic for analogue formats. Its core focus is on classic vinyl and its stands contain everything from original editions by mythical bands all the way to new releases by contemporary groups. Rock, garage, pop, punk, folk, psychedelic, exotica, electronica… All these different ways of understanding music have room in this little neighbourhood record store. New releases and re-editions sit side by side with a second-hand section, one of La Negra’s strong points.

... AND MUCH MORE! Vermouth, records, books, comics, merchandising, etc.

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