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Fotografía: Bruno Destombes


Following the line of work begun in 2014, Cinema Revealed has organized a range of different activities revolving around audiovisual performance and the interrelationship between film and other disciplines. This engagement with the cinematographic experience goes beyond the dark film theatre and the projected image, interrelating and transforming it through other practices in order to activate an audiovisual experience that questions not only its own language, but its entire structure and conventional logistics.

Similar to previous editions, we are presenting various transversal proposals that connect film with sound art, new media and dance. We do our best to bring to our audiences some of the most notable contemporary art practices revolving around issues of concern to us, both within Spanish production as well as international experimentation.

The cycle gets off to a start with the artist Rose Kallal. Recognised internationally for her experimental film and electronic music praxis, this is the first time that Kallal has performed in Spain. This will then be followed by a double session with theatrical proposals created by four emerging artists: Julián Pacomio, Ángela Millano, Carmen Main and Elena Juárez, which straddle sculpture, media-art, film, philosophy, body and sweat. The third session merges dance, reality and fiction in a collective proposal called Kopfkino, by Los Detectives.

A notable addition this year is the introduction of live radio with Andrei Rublev, una Panicografía. Engaging with the near at hand and playing alongside the people from Mostoles is always interesting, which is why we are organising an intergenerational workshop with Sra. Polaroiska for the penultimate weekend. This year’s edition of Cinema Revealed will be brought to a close with the audiovisual performance Falaises, from Canada, which can be seen for the first time in Spain.

Cinema Revealed is consolidating its growing reputation as a performance biennial, and one of the most important events in winter in the Region of Madrid for so-called live art.


19 JANUARY 18:30

Spectral Points, by Rose Kallal (Film and audio performance). Premiere in Spain

el cine revelado

This is the only opportunity to see this New York based sound and visual artist in Spain, presenting her new performance with 16 mm film and live music. Spectral Points is created using a wide range of technical processes including traditional animation techniques, video synthesis/feedback, and computer animation. The 16mm film loops cycle at varying speeds creating a hypnotic nonlinear flow. Accompanying the films, Kallal will perform a live electronic sound score using modular synthesis.

26 JANUARY 18:30

Make it don't fake it, by Julián Pacomio and Ángela Millano (Performance)

el cine revelado

This work invites the audience to make itself comfortable in a space which will gradually be informed by various layers of meaning. Images, voice, memory, body, movement, tiredness and sweat meet the gazes and bodies of the audience to create a shared universe during a unique span of time. This performative proposal takes materials from the film Trash Humpers, directed by Harmony Korine in 2009. But it could have been any other film, it could have been any other audiovisual content filmed in the past by another person.

“We would like to understand this work as a piece of live art that focuses its interest in perpetuating the cultural content of images that could be overlooked, forgotten, floating or vanished, by preserving and protecting them in our bodies and in our memories”.

Vanitas, by Carmen Main and Elena Juárez (New media performance). World premiere

el cine revelado

A collective action based on a still life exhibited in the hall with different elements which rethinks the Vanitas, a classic genre in the history of painting, through a 3D installation using object mapping. For the occasion, a smartphone app has also been designed that allows the audience to access a video in augmented reality on their devices. Depending on the number of people taking part in the performance and on the time during which the videos are activated, an original soundtrack will be constructed with the addition of the audios which will change in function of the choices made by each participant. The piece is created specifically for this season by Carmen Main and Elena Juárez.

2 FEBRUARY 18:30

Kopfkino, by Los Detectives (María García Vera, Marina Colomina and Mariona Naudin) (Performing arts). Premiere in Madrid

el cine revelado

Our brain stores images and operates like a search engine, looking for links in order to understand what is going on, links that will trigger a kind of mental YouTube. We call this ability to link images and build mental films “Kopfkino”. Based on this concept, the members of Los Detectives pose a question: To what extent do the fictions we consume influence our worldview and ourselves? This is the driving engine of Kopfkino, a piece that uses the body as a key tool to explore the margins created when fiction meets reality. This collective work is created by Mariona Naudin together with a team of women working in live art, coming both from dance as well as gestural theatre: María García Vera, Marina Colomina, Mar Median and Laia Cabrera who were all involved in the process of creation and direction of the piece.

9 FEBRUARY 18:30

Andrei Rublev, una paniconografia, by Societat Doctor Alonso (Sofía Asencio and Tomás Aragay) (Radio performance). Premiere in Madrid

el cine revelado

The starting point for Andrei Rublev, una paniconografia is Andrei Tarkovsky’s film from 1966, in which the icon painter Andrei Rublev (1360-1427) undertakes a long journey through medieval Russia to paint frescos in the Cathedral of the Annunciation in the Kremlin. The work of this singular painter, with his unique iconographic style, provokes in the spectator an impact and inner withdrawal due to the use of inverted perspective that speaks to us of art, not as a portrait of reality but as a reality among realities. The company revisits this piece in radiophonic format, premiered at the Temporada Alta Festival in 2016, with the purpose of continuing to investigate in numerous formal, sound and material moments in the script and thus further explore this conversation. This is not a conventional radiophonic format, and instead co-opts the presence of a live audience. Furthermore, besides paying particular attention to sound, it also introduces any medium within its reach in a live presentation of the performing arts: screenings of Tarkovsky’s film, subtitles, plays of lights, couples dancing or a parade of icons by Rublev.

Creation and performance: Sofía Asencio and Tomás Aragay (Societat Doctor Alonso) with the collaboration of the filmmaker Virginia García del Pino and Nazario Díaz in performance.

16 FEBRUARY 18:30

No hay edad para el ritmo, by Sra. Polaroiska (Audiovisual installation with intergenerational dance). Premiere in Madrid

el cine revelado

The Sra. Polaroiska collective invites us to take part in the installation No hay edad para el ritmo (There is no age for rhythm). In it, it will project its latest audiovisual piece No hay nada más moderno que envejecer (There is nothing more modern than growing old) and will activate a device that invites people of all ages to join in a collective, family and intergenerational dance. It is an invitation to contemplate bodies in motion. Bodies sculpted or not by the passing of time, each one completely different, constructing a dance that speaks of love, desire, beauty, sex, fun and affection. Bodies that move, feel, vibrate and inhabit the present. This proposal brings into question the construction of canons with the purpose of demonstrating a social and cultural imaginary plagued with prejudices and stereotypes. There is no age for rhythm, and that is why we make the most of a unique moment by dancing for the pure pleasure of doing it.

_Intergenerational dance workshop with Sra. Polaroiska

16 February | 10:00 - 14:00

el cine revelado

Sra. Polaroiska is made up of Alaitz Arenzana and María Ibarretxe. Collaboration in the workshop and the performance by the visual artist, music producer and DJ: Agnès Pe.

Enrolment free HERE.

The group of collaborators will be made up of 20 to 25 people.

Aimed at all publics, of any age, interested in dance.

More information en / 912 760 227

23 FEBRUARY 18:30

Falaises, by Guillaume Côté, Alexis Langevin-Tétrault and Dave Gagnon (Audiovisual performance). Premiere in Madrid

el cine revelado

Falaises, a project of audiovisual performances made up of a piece in three acts, combines the musical practices of the composers Guillaume Côté and Alexis Langevin-Tétrault with the work of the visual artist Dave Gagnon. Straddling artistic installation and video art, in its actions the Canadian collective uses digital audio tools and modular synthesizers that alter the video projections and lights in real time, presented in an exclusive multiple support device with screen and lightboxes.

Versión radiofónica de la performance Andrei Rublev, una paniconografia, de Societat Doctor Alonso
Type of activity
Cinema and video
Attendance open and free while places last