“EXPOGRAPHY is the physical-mental-time space in which the fact of seeing and the fact of being seen converge: what we are and what we experience when looking, what we are and what we experience when we are looked at, and what vision is in itself, as something half way between the capacity of the viewer and what emanates from the viewed object. To be activated, any exhibition needs these three terms—the viewer, the viewed and the vision—which, to a certain extent, converge in one single space-time-event-experience.

On the other hand, EXPOGRAPHY is a reflection on the Museum and on Theatre: what happens in each one of these places; the codes governing time and the audience’s relationship with the work imposed by each individual space. We propose the game of altering these codes and experimenting with what is produced as a result. We propose forcing a certain perspective, situating ourselves in places which are physically and temporally different to the usual, and observing the effects these variations produce in us.

The EXPOGRAPHY project takes the form of two totally different works which are the result of the complete deployment of this whole research: COLLECTIVE EXPOGRAPHY and RETROSPECTIVE EXPOGRAPHY. The first work is presented on Saturday 12 January here at CA2M, playing with the temporality of the museum, which requires a commitment from spectators to remain in the museum for the 8 consecutive hours of the experience. In fact, in COLLECTIVE EXPOGRAPHY, people are actually participants and not spectators. Over the duration of this long event, the artistic proposal is mixed with the need to eat, to visit the toilet, to smoke a cigarette and to cohabit the space with others. All these needs are co-opted into the device, which also opens up to other needs and desires. Although apparently very demanding because of the commitment to remain relatively isolated for 8 hours, this experience in fact offers the freedom to leave behind the “prison” of our habits and ways of looking at the world for the duration of the event.

The second work, RETROSPECTIVE EXPOGRAPHY, is more of a “spectacle” or “show” in the conventional meaning of the word, and will be presented one week later, on 17,18 and 19 January at Teatros del Canal.

This research process has been supported and coproduced jointly by CA2M and Teatros del Canal.

Activity type
Target audience
Anyone interested
12th January, 2019 / 15:00 - 23:00h
Attendance open and free while places last