Imperceptible gang

An invisible fire that calls us, that burns us
Cuadrilla imperceptible

There is a desert
at the back of our
we see nothing
unless it is
his disguise
the distant confused whisper
in an unknown language

It has happened to us all. That feeling, though short-lived, is very beautiful: you are with your friends and you play a song that you love, you read an excerpt from one of your favourite books, or you want to share a photograph that has meant something to you for many years. You feel that desire to share the delight of an obsession, to share its magnetism.

This project arose from exploring an obsession that morphed over time and that many people throughout history have experienced. We are referring to invisibility. Where does it come from? How can we become invisible, manage to vanish – dissolve – to not be seen or detected?

This will be the starting point from which, together, we will explore different notions that, precisely, do not fit purely within the physical realm. Voice, a whisper, breath. Their rhythms. Magic and escapism. Leaping into the unknown. Camouflaging ourselves in the night. Accepting the risk of listening to our intuitions. Other ways of being close, although these – apparently – are invisible.


Project developed by the artist Raquel G. Ibañez

Fotografías: Sue Ponce.

Imperceptible gang

Activity type
Young people
Target audience
Young people from 13 to 18
Alternate Wednesdays from March 3
Imperceptible gang
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