Presentación proyecto Si no existieran los otros; o los espejos_Foto ME Serrano Diez

Presentación proyecto Si no existieran los otros; o los espejos_Foto María Eugenia Serrano Diez

Following the development of the artistic project If The Others Did Not Exist; Or The Mirrors, we wish to invite the public to an open appointment with the artists Vanessa López and Israel Cordero and the various participants and agents who made the formalization of the experience possible.

This latest encounter is conceived as a circular dialogue addressing some of the questions that cut across the different sessions integrated in this proposal, with the goal of questioning and evaluating key ideas in its development and conception, as well as the resulting perceptions. This collective becoming will engage with some of the filmic narratives and ways of doing that have helped to articulate and activate different problematics, like those pertaining to the capacity and relevance of the images and art to give an account of the “real” today; the mutation undergone as consumers of audiovisual narratives and experiences of duration; the possibility of alternatively reconstructing the facts of our lives, with the artistic medium acting as an effective instrument for transformation and as a medium of co-construction of alterity; or the need for frameworks of relations in which to share and operate from the unsayable and to reactivate a new political-affective possibility.

The If The Others Did Not Exist; Or The Mirrors project has proven itself to be a critical structure able to afford a unique space of confidence and commitment between artists, audience and institution, placing each of the parts involved in a horizontal and propositional scenario that has enabled a re-evaluation of the relationships that the artistic experience is able to facilitate. And everything in spite of cinema.

Type of activity
Cinema and video
Intended for
Anyone interested
Viernes 7 de febrero 19:30H
Presentación abierta del proyecto Si no existieran los otros; o los espejos
Date of event
Attendance open and free while places last