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Picnic Session 2021

«After a very long winter, you see a green parrot perched on a blossoming almond tree. You would never have seen this in Madrid not long ago, but now it’s a common sight. We don’t know how we’re going to get back on track, and one thing we’re left with is celebrating a world that’s not going to be exactly the same. There are many things, even more when celebrating is part of the process of leaving behind, and moving forward. That path that is knowing what we follow. A public place, for everyone, green, high up, free, and specific. A place like a picnic.

This programme was shaped around the theme of tradition in an intuitive way, and we say intuitively because it was not actively sought and it was not until everything had been designed that we actually recognised this fact. Tradition understood in an expanded form, placed between the material and immaterial of this moment we are living. And who says when it is and when it is no longer like that? Throughout the sessions we see the most literal translation represented by craftsmanship, by mythology and inherited customs, but we also see that this whole world is reinterpreted, remixed, subverted, and left open to the air of the tensions of today’s world. In this open sky, questions and suggestions appear about what tradition means, to be tradition but also to make and create it. To believe it. Sometimes the folkloric appears, sometimes the ceremonial. Things that we know exist but that we have never seen also appear, which, because they are part of our dreams, also belong to us. At other times, there are interpretations that are so mixed in their languages and influences that they overflow. Yet, at the same time, when overlapped they create an image in which you can recognise yourself in the background. These are very local picnics. In them, there is a continuous reference to what is part of us and what we cannot be detached from. This happens and is interspersed, and suddenly it brings us to common ground where we can be together. And there is, in all this, a moment of self-reference of what the actual tradition of the picnic is and the place that is this terrace. We want to transfer these two things to other places, to other formats and, in short, to be able to live in the different ways we have always appreciated. A terrace can also be a forest.

We have skipped a spring. This is what we thought before everything happened, now we don’t want to wear shoes. We’re telling you this because it’s true. All that remains is for us to invite you to look together with us at what is coming from what has already passed.

Curated by:

Maral Kekejian and bwelke (Juanito Jones, Lorenzo García-Andrade and María Buey)»



  • T 27/05 | OPENING:  Javi Álvarez y Javi Pérez Iglesias; Maider López; Enrico Dau Yang Wey.
  • T 03/06 | DIRECTOS: Ylia; SLVJ; Bazofia.
  • T 10/06 | KATA GURUMA : Aitana Cordero y David Cárdenas
  • T 17/06 | EN EL AIRE: Jonás de Murias; Kike García + Jesús Bravo; Lara Brown; Eliseo Parra
  • T 24/06 | NOCTURNO: Bosque R.E.A.L y Cuqui Jerez
  • T 01/07 | 1th OF JULY: Orquesta; JASSS.



  • Recuerda que el aforo es limitado, por lo que cuando realices tu inscripción, te enviaremos un email confirmándote que tienes entrada.  Una vez lo recibas, podrás pasar a recoger tu entrada en la recepción del Museo el día de la sesión de Picnic hasta las 21.15h.  Si a esa hora no la has recogido, se pondrá a disposición del público.
  • Si no puedes venir por alguna razón, por favor avísanos cuanto antes para que alguien de la lista de espera pueda ocupar tu plaza.
  • Este evento respeta las medidas seguridad y las restricciones de aforo indicadas por las autoridades sanitarias, por lo que el público estará sentado y con la distancia de seguridad apropiada.
  • Cuando vengas, por favor sigue todas las indicaciones del personal de la organización para que tanto el acceso como el desalojo se haga siguiendo las normas de seguridad.
  • Por tu bien y el de todos, si tienes síntomas compatibles con el Covid-19, no acudas al Centro.


cartel picnic 2021

PICNIC SESSIONS 27/05 - Inauguration


Javi Álvarez and Javi Pérez Iglesias come from the north of Spain and are neighbours in Madrid. They are 101 years old, weigh 159 kilos and are 3.63 meters tall.

They have completed two sets of elementary school, have two secondary-school certificates and three pre-university certificates, have completed two degrees and worked as artists, librarians, musicians, video-journalists with a camera perched on their shoulders, cooks, singers, writers, readers, telemarketers, editors and gardeners.

This editorial action for a picnic is the essence of all these conjunctions.



by Maider López

Walk around the perimeter of the museum, measuring the place with your body and the time it takes to walk it. Connect different spaces: the inside with the outside; the exhibition rooms with the loading dock, the stairs and the warehouse. Walk in single file, keeping your distance, always the same distance. Imitate the space. Look from different places and perspectives to bring about unusual routes.

Maider López creates her work by intervening in public spaces and architecture. Her works often require the participation of the viewer, who she involves by making them part of a subtly altered space. She has participated in the Venice Biennale 2005, Sharjah 2009 and Istanbul 2013. She has also carried out projects in public spaces and exhibited in museums such as: Zoom In, Galería Espacio Mínimo; Matadero Madrid; Koldo Mitxelena in San Sebastián and MARCO de Vigo; Les Ateliers de Rennes, 4a Biennale d’Art Contemporain, Rennes, France; Lower Austria Contemporany; Skor and Witte de With, Holland; Centre Pompidou-Metz; SCAPE Christchurch Biennial of Art in Public Space, New Zealand; Chacun à Son Goût. The Guggenheim Bilbao; Caixa Forum, Barcelona, among others.



by Enrico Dau Yang Wey

fertile field :: terreno fértil is a vocal composition that constructs itself via the understanding that monuments should be as fluid as the memories that sustain them. By drawing on his Taiwanese roots, Wey approaches song by using tuning and notation systems alien to those of Western tradition to weave a soundscape on the terrace of the CA2M. It is something he offers us: a place to contemplate the space one inhabits, and to honour the constitutive elements it has that lack materiality and physical presence. It is a moment in time where the monument does not impose itself on us but expands and reconfigures itself in multiple ways, in a personal way, so that we can live together.

Enrico Dau Yang Wey is from Taiwan. Wey has been a senior member of the Handspring Puppet Company since 2005; he has performed in plays such as Tall Horse, Il Ritorno d’Ulisse directed by William Kentridge, and the Tony Award-winning War Horse. He also directed the puppetry for the 2013 German production of War Horse.

His performance work has been enjoyed internationally at venues such as Danspace Project (USA), Urgel3 (Spain), Uferstudios (Germany), and most recently he has been artist-in-residence at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s River to River Festival (USA). Some collaborations of note include roles in Shu Lea Cheang’s 3x3x6 works for the Taiwan Pavilion at the Venice Biennale (2019), in Dennis Cooper/Zac Farley’s Like Cattle Towards Glow, and in works by choreographers such as Robyn Orlin, Ishmael Houston-Jones, and Aitana Cordero, among others.

Wey holds an MA in Fine Arts from UdK Berlin (Germany), and has published research through Brumaria (Spain) and Performance Research Journal (UK).

Photography: Manuel Moncayo

Fertile Field


PICNIC SESSIONS 03/06 - Directos (Live performances)


Producer and DJ. Her sets and live performances move agilely and confidently between different genres, sometimes more abstract and slower, sometimes more direct and danceable. She has released singles on labels such as Hivern, Lapsus, Super Utu, Sinhilo, Tofistock among others, and at the end of 2020 released her first full-length Dulce Rendición (Sweet Surrender) with Paralaxe Editions.

Owner of the Animah Records label, she works on collaborative projects with Phran (People You May Know), and with Darío del Moral, a member of Pony Bravo and Fiera, under the name Bola Del Desierto. She also accompanies Niño de Elche live on synthesisers, keyboards and electronics.

As a composer she has worked creating music and sound space for dance performances: Somewhat Paler (La Pálida) and Várvara by Bárbara Sanchez, Mi Madre Muerta by Greta García and Giselle by the company Kor’sia.

She teaches at schools such as IED (Instituto Europeo Di Design), and The Bass Valley. In addition to all this she has had her own radio show since 2017 on the radio station Dublab Barcelona, called ‘La Guarida’, and she was selected to be a participant at the last edition of RedBull Music Academy in Berlin.


Ylia - Dulce Rendición (Paralaxe Editions, 2020)

Ylia - Golden Plate - Household Choirs (Super Utu, 2020)

Ylia - Regen - Quinze (Lapsus Records, 2020)

People You May Know - One Hand Clap (Hooded Records, 2018) Bola Del Desierto - Bola Del Desierto (Animah Records/DDNS, 2018) In Orbitae (Ylia Remix) (Set Theory Records, 2018)

Mondeorgan (Ylia remix) (Sinhilo, 2018)

Terence - Bubbling Away - MovieMakers (Tofistock, 2018)

Photography: Fabian Brennecke




SLVJ is one of the most important DJs on Madrid’s scene under the label Abismal. She mixes rhythms from a wide spectrum of electronic music; bass, UK funk, techno, IDM, dub techno, Gqom, etc. Her rhythms are produced through field recordings and vocals.

Her sessions reflect the bold sounds of different geographies and scenes. She has deejayed in a wide variety of venues and collaborated with artists from many different disciplines: clubs, raves, squats, festivals and galleries.

SLVJ is one of the founders of the label Abismal, a collective project that revolutionised the way electronic music was first made just on the fringes during the 2010s. Her productions have appeared on labels like FuturePastZine and Caballito. She has performed at festivals including She Makes Noise and In-Sonora in Madrid and Sonoras in Valencia, sharing the bill with artists like Electric Indigo, MBODJ and Gudrun Gut.

Photography​​​​​​​: Eduardo Manzana




Music producer and performer. Bazofia, is a project by Lorenzo Soria, who is also a member of Industrias94, Fiera and Califato •••. His productions are based on the club, punk and electronic music of Seville’s underground avant-garde. Bazofia, his latest project, has elements of breakbeat, chabacana music, post-punk and electro hyper-productions of today accompanied by vocals with acid-house lyrics poured into the punchy sound of the Industrias94 brand.

Photography: Adri off del campo



by Aitana Cordero and David Cárdenas.


How do we shoulder Everything?

Hacer Nos Cargar el Todo (Make us Shoulder Everything)

KATA GURUMA is a time to get together so that things happen to us, it is to shoulder another, a farewell to something. It is a guided visit to the collective body, and it is also a dance of joint activations, serendipities and absurdities, moments that create a gentle party that blends liturgies, rituals and new desires. 

It will rain for sure. We’ll make it rain. 

We suggest looking for a shared exhibited moment, a sexy combat, a destruction that builds beautiful.


Chin Pun

Artist, choreographer and performer. Aitana Cordero studied choreography at SNDO (School for New Dance Development) at the University of Amsterdam, where she also completed a Master’s Degree in Choreography and new technologies Dance-Unlimited.

Since 1999 she has created her own work in the form of dances, plays, installations, performances, films and gastronomic creations that she performs in different cities in Europe, the USA and Asia. She also collaborates in the work of other people, and creates works aimed at children and young people. Since 2001 she has combined her creations with teaching at different schools and with theatre art as well as consulting for other artists. Some of the recurring themes in her work are the body and how it can relate to other bodies, objects, construction, intimacy, sexuality, the physicality of violence and fighting, sharing and its strategies, and the exploration of the protocols of theatre. Other important themes that shape her processes are philosophy, cinema, gender studies, painting and cooking.

Illustrator, architect and left-handed. David Cárdenas has been drawing compulsively since 2004, coinciding with a study-free year’s stay in Berlin. Between 2011 and 2013 he became interested in the world of publishing and self-published F.A.I. (Fanzine de Arquitectura Ibérica) with Mikel Motosierra. Part of his work revolves around teaching drawing and design in Alicante, Madrid and Seoul. Since 2015 he has been interested in the relationship between drawing and industrial production. That year he won the first prize for making a ceramic mural for the Region of Madrid. Currently, his work glides between illustration, industrial production and publishing.

His drawing focuses on attempts to perceive reality in an in-depth way. He uses techniques that seek to highlight error and production based on accumulation.


kata guruma


PICNIC SESSIONS 17/06 - En el aire (In the Air)


A composer of soundscapes of hypertextual energy. Through a collage of sound and/or linguistic textures, he traces the different ways that feelings of desire, belonging and catastrophe are triggered. It is a spectre of an expanded auto-ethnography: more digital than patriotic, more in the density of the air than in the typical. It is an attempt to psychoacoustically rewire images, geographies and the transient (atavistic or future) evoked by sounds from his own-exotic tenet, based on what is local and the present.

This is Jonás Murias’s sound project. He has done several artistic residencies (El ranchito, Phestudios, Ebt matadero, etc) and sound sessions (Fylkingen, Fabra i Coats, Centro LGTBI de Barcelona, Hammana Artist House, etc). He is part of the verbal art collective Tacoderaya and currently lives in Berlin.

Photography: tacoderaya

Jonás de Murías



BAILAR O LO SALVAJE (Dancing or The Wild)
By Lara Brown

Bailar o Lo Salvaje is the first chapter of El movimiento Involuntario (The Involuntary Movement), in which I study the impact of folklore on a contemporary body.

Bailar o Lo Salvaje is rooted in research on dances like the Jota de Madrid or the Jota de La Pradera. The result is a performance where dance and movement translate an action into the question: Is dancing an innate need? Is dancing the only way to move without producing anything?

*Project supported by Ayudas a coreógrafos, 2019, Region of Madrid.

‘My name is Lara Brown. I am an artist and I focus on the field of Live Arts and Performance. My work is based on movement, on the idea of the body and on the mobilisation of the concepts that stem from actions. I used the body and its transformation like an artistic canvas and generator of thoughts. I studied in a well-known place and then I studied on my own. And then I forgot about it and then I came back. And when I returned, I started working alone although was always accompanied in the end. I look for any place where I can move around, think like this, and take notes. The notes sometimes appear as revelations and – when accompanied by drawings – help me to relate the things that cross my mind. And to remember them. Sometimes, with that information as an axis, I imagine, prepare and perform whole pieces that last at least 40 minutes, although sometimes more fleeting and performative ones. I also like to move in places where they like me to move, like in La Caldera, or in La Poderosa, once in Leal Lav, another time in L’Estruch; this year it will be in Graner, and in an old garage of my father’s that he now lends me and in which I’m really comfortable. I have danced, performed, collaborated with various artists in places such as museums, choreography centres, in the mountains, national theatres, festivals, small rooms, galleries and squares, all of which are very important.’



Lara Brown


PAISAJE DOS (Landscape Two)
By Kike García and Jesús Bravo

Jesús (Girona, 1950) and Kike (Madrid, 1989) have been dancing together since they met, premièring their first performance in 2014. The two dancers – with different and shared styles that are both contemporary and timeless – began dancing to understand and care for each other from a standpoint of intimacy and tenderness. For several years they have been working separately, collaborating with other artists and presenting individual work but always close to each other. In their series Paisajes they use the body as a place to return to in order to live it as it is: a constant transformation, endearing and sensitive, rebellious and playful, very fresh.

Photography: @galaxunity

Paisaje Dos



Composer, performer and great connoisseur and scholar of the music of the central part of the Peninsula. Eliseo Parra recreates popular music using contemporary parameters, often with influences from the music of other areas. One of the greatest disseminators of traditional music, with an exquisite capacity for fusion, he has recovered or introduced soundscapes that have been forgotten or are unknown to contemporary urban ears.

Eliseo Parra






by Bosque REAL and Cuqui Jerez

It never dawns this early. Last night it never got so late so late. On the morning after San Juan it is an afterwards of the night or it is a preview of this day.

There is ash, water flows, smoke flows.

We have risen early or stayed up late, let the day flow over this step.

The sun will first rise to eye level and then leave us under it. Last night many fires were lit.

NOCTURNO is a situation or place in Bosque REAL crossed with an artwork by Cuqui Jerez.

Bosque REAL (aka Jacobo Cayetano and Javier Cruz) started out as a festival in 2019 to look at the biography and anatomy of Madrid’s Casa de Campo park. So far, and together with visual artists and set designers, filmmakers, knowledgeable members of the public and those less so, we have visited a stonemason’s workshop, discovered a dolphin, been to a hill from which the Gran Vía was bombed, visited the car park of an amusement park and the Puertas del Rey (King’s Gates). We have also designed scents and texts linked to spaces that have disappeared or are in the process of disappearing. We are currently preparing our 2021/22 programme in different spaces in Madrid.

Artist, choreographer and performer. Cuqui Jerez works on creating a choreographic language via the body in relation to space, time and objects. She also works on producing signs and therefore of meaning through choreography; the transformation of meaning through repetition; the manipulation of spatial and temporal references; the expectation and experience of the spectator in the context of the theatre; memory; structure as a fundamental part of the content of her work; the limits of representation; the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Image credits: Nocturne in Black and Gold by James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Cuqui Jerez y Bosque Real



‘ORQUESTA is a musical duo made up of the artists Anto Rodríguez (1986) and Óscar Bueno (1985), two Asturians living in Madrid.

ORQUESTA is the result of years and years of working, singing and playing music together in different art projects, most of them on stage, cinematographic or performative and with a close relationship with music.

ORQUESTA is rooted in a music project that is independent from our stage work. Now, we are presenting our favourite songs, looking for the exact point of what we want to do: finding ourselves at the intersection between electronic, traditional songs, Spanish pop music from the seventies, the melody of our alarm clock and a lullaby.

ORQUESTA really wants to be out there being listened to on a phone, at a concert, on a loudspeaker, be very present and very much in the background. The music we make brims with images and atmospheres, lyrics and melodies

that inhabit the nooks and crannies of the mountains of Asturias and Madrid’s Gran Via. We compose, perform and produce our own music, and are only helped by Lucas Piedra Cueva from Los Telepáticos when it comes to mixing and mastering.’

Artist and performer Óscar Bueno holds a Degree in Performing Arts and Music (Piano). His work journeys between music, sound, the performing arts and performance art: Between the sounds of a performance, sound that travels through space, the scores of sounds and imagined musical writing. He is part of the Poderío Vital collective and collaborates and performs with different artists such as Anto Rodríguez, María Jerez, Cuqui Jerez, Cris Blanco and Amalia Fernández.

Artist and performer, Anto Rodríguez holds a PhD in Research in Humanities, Arts and Education, a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts and Visual Culture (Artea and UCLM) and a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts (URJC). He is a researcher in the theory and practice of contemporary performing arts. His productions include the feature film Frankenstein, winner of the Best Asturian Feature Film Award at the 51st FICX, the stage plays Lo otro: el concierto, La Traviata and Vivir en videoclip: tú, yo, nosotris y un karaoke. Aside from his solo work, he has worked with other artists as a performer or accompanist with: Juan Domínguez, Cuqui Jerez, María Jerez, Óscar Bueno, Cris Blanco and Amalia Fernández.

Photography: Ángela Losa




JASSS will be at the helm to bring this edition of Picnic Sessions to a close with a one-hour DJ session. Her sessions, which can be described as high voltage, combine a diversity of genres and unclassifiable sounds that range from electro, techno and EBM, with occasional touches of synth-pop, machine pop and dabs of speed electro, drum&bass and even downtempo music. Her sessions are powerful, raw and versatile, intensifying as they go along. An ending that makes you want to stay and explode at the same time.

Currently based in Berlin, Silvia Jiménez Álvarez aka JASSS, is an Asturian sound artist, DJ and producer. She has been deejaying since she was twenty, and producing since she moved to Holland in 2010, where she started experimenting and composing with field recordings. A year later she moved to Berlin, quickly established herself as a DJ and became a fixture of Mannequin Records Nights at OHM and Säules at Berghain’s. In 2016, she released her first singles on the Anunnaki Cartel and Mannequin Records labels, but it wasn’t until 2017 that she released her first full-length album, Weightless, with the German experimental label iDEAL. Since then, this artist has played live and also deejayed at MUTEK Montreal, Unsound and Sonar, among others. Over the past few years she has complemented her live deejaying with art residencies in places such as EMS (Stockholm), Galeria Zé dos Bois (Lisbon) and the German Academy in Rome Villa Massimo.














Intern at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome /MAEC (2021). She is part of the PICE selection team, Acción Cultural España. Member of the Theatre Department of the Consejo Estatal de las Artes INAEM. Member of the artistic team Paisajes en Folixa in collaboration with the Zuloark collective, Llanes Town Council and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation. Artistic director of Vetusta Morla’s Same Place, Different Place tour. Madrid, 2020. Artistic Director of Veranos de la Villa 2016–2019, Madrid City Council. Artistic Director of Christmas Celebrations / Three Kings Parade 2015–2016, Madrid City Council. Production Manager for the Swiss / Spanish Company, La Ribot. Geneva, 2015. Director of the Performing Arts Department at La Casa Encendida. Madrid, 2005–2014. Assistant Manager at the Pradillo Theatre. Madrid, 2001–2005. Degree in Art History from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid U.A.M., Madrid, 1996–2001.


Different disciplines, design strategies, spaces and devices that give rise to experiences related to architecture and the living arts. They have worked on projects such as Un verano entero, the opening of Veranos de la Villa (2019) and Donde Oscarito, a research and production project about Cuban barbershops. Intermittent and sporadic, bwelke happens when María Buey, Juanito Jones, and Lorenzo García-Andrade work together.

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