3_Eras, José Luis Brea

6:00 pm Screening of the film Las tres eras de la imagen
7:00 pm Presentation and conversation

3_Eras, the only text by José Luis Brea that had not been published until now, consists of a script which came about from the film version of the book Las tres eras de la imagen. The film by María Virginia Jaua and José Luis Brea includes sound and visual images, and the participation of the author and some philosophers like Jean-Luc Nancy and Jacques Rancière. It is an essayistic work in two senses: firstly, an essay of thought, written and spoken ideas; secondly, an essay on the form that these same elements take on the screen. This book and this film, to which the Spanish theorist dedicated the final years of his life, are also a tribute to his memory almost a decade after his passing.

The ideas and reflections that José Luis Brea developed are still valid today, and some of his ideas are surprisingly visionary. The result is a singular text within the theoretical output on visuality in Spanish, inviting us to adopt an emancipatory stance implicit in the act of the historical undertaking to recover what has remained latent as an unfulfilled promise; not because it is utopian or untimely, but because it is always on the verge of announcing its arrival, marking the yearned-for moment of a new starting point...

The project for this book came about thanks to the joint work of Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo from Móstoles and the Chilean publishers Metales Pesados. This conjunction of interests vouches for the importance that José Luis Brea’s work had and indeed continues to have for Spanish readers and the positive critical reception his books and thinking have enjoyed.

CA2M is carrying out a project to support the publication of previously unpublished theory and artist books in Madrid, and to this end it is collaborating with different publishing houses.

Type of activity
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Anyone interested
20th February, 2020
Attendance open and free while places last