Fiesta Futuro

In a few thousand years a future archaeological excavation will discover what were the limits of the city of Móstoles in 2020 and there they will find, on the site of the Children’s Home, bits of ceramic which, when pieced together, will create objects with no recognizable use purpose. The experts will try to guess where they came from, as they are neither utilitarian or decorative objects. The forms would suggest some kind of mysterious practice closer to the rituals and customs of the former inhabitants of this place.

During this school year, together with the inhabitants of the Children’s Home, we will make loads of extensible, ephemeral, detachable or permanent attachments, traces and remains for the future, sounds that will fill the space and slowly become echoes and then memories. We will create a set of sculptural pieces, hybrids between musical instruments and masks, monstrous fixtures that will be the memory of experiences that took place in this house over the course of these months.

We want to invent our own biography, who we want to be together and how we want to be remembered.

Type of activity
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Anyone interested