CA2M in conjunction with Silvi ManneQueen and Madrid Ballroom Scene wish to invite you to attend a Kiki Ball. Kiki is the less mainstream side to the ballroom scene. Because it is more open, it gives exposure to new members coming onto the scene and offers the audience a chance to take part. A ball is a voguing battle where dancers and artists demonstrate their moves in different categories in front of an international jury.

 If you’ve seen the exhibition Elements of Vogue and love voguing and ballroom culture then you won’t want to miss this ball. But if you haven’t seen it and you love everything about fashion, catwalks, dancing, and want to feel like a model strutting your stuff on the runway, or if you’re into creativity and want to express yourself freely and be who you want to be.... this is also the place for you! You can take part as a competitor or simply enjoy the show as part of the audience: but, simply remember, be who you want to be and once you start looking, you too become part of the show!

This is also a special occasion because it gives us a chance to present for the first time members of the Kiki House of F.A.B, the newly founded international house of artists and voguers based in Madrid.


Borrowing inspiration from the installation made by the NY artist Rashaad Newsome especially for holding balls at CA2M, you will be whisked away to a fabulous world of gemstones, glamour and bling bling whose superficial appearance belies the fact that it is a platform for the radical resistance of dancing bodies.


  • Runway 
  • Virgin Performance
  • Realness
  • Old way vs. New Way
  • Hands Performance
  • Best Look of the Night
  • Vogue Femme

OTA (open to all, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.).
The order of the categories will be announced at a later date.

Host: Silvi ManneQueen, Mother of the Kiki House of F.A.B, Madrid

Commentator: Matyouz Royalty, New Kiki House of Royalty, Paris

Guest judges:

  • Father Typhoon Angels, Kiki House of Angels, Rotterdam (Prodigy)
  • Mother Kiara Mermaid, The Supreme House of Mermaids, Paris (Ninja)
  • Inxi 007, Sweden (Prodigy)

Participants / Enrolment:

If you want to compete you have to fill in the following form.

Enrolment is free and open until 16 January


Enrolment free, open until 16 January

Maximum 3 categories

The organisation reserves the right to consider a category to be full when a sufficient number of participants have enrolled. 

The idea is to motivate people to enrol in other categories. So, don’t waste your time and enrol now!
If you have any doubts on categories and dress codes, send an email to: 

Description of categories and themes for dress codes

Choose whichever suits you best, become who you want to be, take part and hope the judges give you 10s! The sky is the limit! However, we have provided some guidelines for looks for each category.

OTA RUNWAY: Pearls and Diamonds

The INSPIRATION for this category is for Pearls and Diamonds to sparkle on the runway. This is your chance to be a real model without conforming to stereotypes or canons. But remember, this is not a fancy dress ball. Creativity, elegance and Xtravaganza are the watchwords. Slay the Catwalk!
To get your 10s, you need to wear:
- European Runway : Headpiece (ornamental headdress)
- American Runway : Handbag (bag, purse, briefcase)
All participants will walk individually. The judges will then choose who moves on to the battle phase, where two participants walk at the same time, ballroom style. The judges will be looking for runway technique.

HANDS PERFORMANCE: Pyrite (Gold/Silver)
Show us what you can do in hands performance inspired by pyrite, fool’s gold. Look to its angles, cuts, sparkle and details for the elements on which to base your polished technique and smooth moves. Protect your hands with gloves, and cover your arms with golden or silver details, to tell us your dazzling story.

BEST LOOK OF THE NIGHT: Sapphires and/or Rubies (Spectators and participants)

This is the moment to show off the most fabulous look of the night and dazzle with your style. To take part in this event you don’t have to walk, you just show off your look, the one that shows the real you. This category has no set rules; all you have to do is take your inspiration from precious gemstones like rubies and sapphires. Remember that judges in this category will be looking at all details: hairstyle, accessories, jewellery, etc. and your ability to sell your look.

The public can take part. So if you feel up to it on the night, you could win this category, though you have to bear in mind the dress code. You don’t have to sign up beforehand.

Dress up and pass yourself off with INSPIRATION from the installation created expressly by Rashaad Newsome for the exhibition “Elements of Vogue” at CA2M, where the Kiki ball will be held. Whether your choice is Bling Bling, Banji or Hip Hop you have to convince the judges with your realness and swag. And don’t forget, it’s not just a case of dressing up.

This category was originally created in the ballroom scene to acknowledge people’s ability to “pass” unnoticed in wider society at a time when being Black or Latino and LGBT was by no means easy. For instance, the challenge for a gay male was to “pass” for being as straight as possible and gain access to the same privileges in society, like getting a job. Or, for a transsexual, the challenge was to be as “real” as possible and return home safely without getting beaten up. This category is broken down into different kinds of Realness: Thug Realness, School Boy, Transman Realness, Femme Queen Realness, Butch Realness, Butch Queen Up in Drag Realness (BQUID), etc.


You love voguing and are thinking about walking but don’t have the experience? There’s always a first time for everyone! And, if you’re reading this category, maybe now it’s your turn. Don’t think twice. Prepare a look based on the virginity and purity of Pink Quartz, and show the judges your wild side.

Any style of voguing is welcome (Old way, New Way, Vogue Femme, but without mixing them up). For first-timers only.

VOGUE FEMME: Holographic Opal

This much-awaited category shines with a light of its own. If you’ve ever taken part in a kiki or ball, now’s your chance to dazzle the judges with your Holographic Opal look. Opal is the “Artist’s Stone” because of its ability to bring out hidden talents and the whole spectrum of the rainbow.

Use the visual effects and sparkle of the opal and add your own walk to outshine everyone else, whether it’s through dramatics or soft and cunt, and show those judges how versatile you are.

To get 10s, your walk has to include a prop and one or more colours of the rainbow. Be creative! Besides your attire, judges will be looking at your walk technique, elements and charisma before giving away any 10s.

If you have any doubts or questions about categories or dress codes please send an email to:

You are invited to attend the Ball with a look inspired by one of the options. Please pay attention because there will be a category in which you can decide to take part on the very day of the Ball. Follow the event on Facebook, where you’ll find photos to inspire looks and attire.

Activity type
Target audience
Anyone interested
20th january, 2018 / 20.30h
Attendance open and free while places last