The Triangle: Project with CEIP Federico García Lorca

El Triángulo. Proyecto CEIP Federico García Lorca

Listening to the train minutes before its arrival, defragmenting light into an infinite colour spectrum, building your own space that is governed without hierarchies.

This year we started a new artist residency project in collaboration with the Federico García Lorca School in Móstoles.
Following years of research, we continue to think about the importance of introducing art-based practices into educational institutions in order to develop multidisciplinary projects involving the entire school in a transversal way. Now more than ever, it seems essential to us to explore processes that promote other types of learning in the classroom, adjust relationships with schools and generate new ties with museums. We are thus interested in continuing to research how artists can affect the education system and vice versa, and how this particular public school can return the experience both to the artists and the CA2M’s education team.

Throughout the third term of the academic year, the artist Agnés Pé will develop a sensorial and sound research project with students in the Caracola classroom and with first-year students.
The classroom will move to the school’s vegetable-garden area to build a sensory laboratory where it will experiment with other ways of perceiving reality. This space will challenge the senses and imagine other forms of governance.

This will allow us to continue researching how both desire and emotion can affect schools. A project that thinks small-scale and places students as the subjects and not as the objects of education.

Programme with the support of the Daniel y Nina Carasso Foundation


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