Yabba is a cosmos with its own order, its own rhythm and its own systems in movement that invites spectators to enter a new logic. A hybrid of different technologies, an amalgam of entities in constant transformation in time that produces other things in the encounter with those who observe them.

Things that transpose images, concepts, ideas, emotions that happen precisely at that moment of encounter with the entities of this deformed and changing cosmos.

A kind of being that is everything and nothing, is full and empty, that takes all forms but which still does not have any yet.
Yabba is there, changing, mutating colour, sculpting forms, unfolding its materiality… This state of constant transformation proposes an attentive gaze that pays attention to the inability to name what is happening. Looking after all these indescribable forms opens up a new possibility of interrelating that is removed from measurable values.

María Jerez with Ainhoa Hernández Escudero, Laura Ramírez, Óscar Bueno Rodríguez, Javier Cruz and Alejandra Pombo

Music by Lanoche, aka Ángela de la Serna

Co-produced by Veranos de la Villa, SZENE (Salzburg) and Zürcher Theater Spektakel (Zurich)

Admission free while places last


Type of activity
Intended for
Anyone interested
29th NOVEMBER 2018 / 20:00 — 21:00
Tickets may be collected one hour beforehand