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This workshop is within the scope of the CA2M long-term activities developed for  educational centers, in particular with those schools surrounding CA2M, with the intent to strengthen collaboration ties with diverse educational agents. For a second year, the activity targets third year students from primary education schools closest to CA2M. This time, La Sonidera will lead this project.

In a society with an audiovisual, radio and sound predominance introduced as exploring means that may provide new sensorial and creative new experiences, this workshop proposed to recover the so popular radio-plays from the 60´ to work aspects such as identity, gender or reality construction. Students from Beato Simón de Rojas will practice listening in search of new perception means. They will also invent stories to be performed using their voices and homemade music and sound effects, working with the body and presence. Through these stories, they could imagine different worlds while develop their capacity to question already-formed ideas about the creation of sound spaces.

La Sonidera is an Ángeles Oliva & Toña Medina´s creation, where they both work in the radio creative field. Thought their radio performances (radio-works designed to be performance with the public), they investigate issues like fears, genders or surviving. Their interest in sound experimentation has taken them to bring back the soundman figure, that person in charge of making the sound effects in radio soap operas, giving a home-made atmosphere to stories with any kind of objects. They claim the radio warmth and its capacity to create mental images as unique means to generate reflection spaces.

Intended for
Children from 8 to 12
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