bailar el barrio
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This project is based on the need to work with the communities close to the museum through ongoing activities that will create long-lasting, stable and flexible relations. For the fifth year running we are organising a laboratory for creative after-school hours for students in the third cycle of primary school. This year we are focusing on exploring the possibilities of dance as a political practice of activation of the body by means of bodily patterns already incarnated in infancy. While the question “what is dance?” proffers a multitude of possible responses, our specific question is “what is it like to dance at the age of eleven?”. Every Tuesday ¡ after school the children in the local neighbourhood can attend a special space where it will be their own bodies that dictate the rules.

Marisa Amor  is a dancer and choreographer, and has participated in the creation of various shows aimed at adults and children. She collaborates in improvisation projects with musicians, dancers and artists from other disciplines. She dedicates a large part of her practice to children and teenagers with classes, workshops, cultural exchanges, shows and educational projects associated mainly with dance and movement. She works with and for various collectives including persons with mental disabilities.

Intended for
Children from 8 to 12
16:30 — 18:00 (after school)
Bailar el barrio 2015
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