Formacion Profesorado 2009

CA2M is well aware of the importance of building an educational community around the Museum  in order to develop innovative educational practices related to art education and contemporary thinking, and one of the cornerstones of our educational project is therefore professional development for teachers.

Since January 2009, we have therefore been offering a variety of training programmes for teachers, such as tours and talks related to our exhibitions and, also, introductory course on current art. These initiatives will continue this year and will be joined by new ones held on our premises, such as the introductory course on the educational uses of contemporary art organised by the Leganes Territorial Centre of Innovation and Training.

Meanwhile, in June, a 20-hour workshop will be held in June for Secondary School art teachers and fine art students interested in art education.

Beusté / Vives. Cisnes y Ratas.
JAN 29-  MAY 3. 2009 

La colección 
JAN 30-  MAY 3. 2009

Leopold Kessler 
JAN 29-  MAY 3. 2009

XVI Image Symposium

MAY 14– SEP 6. 2009

MAY 14 – 27 SEP 2009
Light Yerars, Cristina Lucas
SEP 17  – NOV 29. 2009

Auto Dream and Materia
OCT 9. 2009 – JAN 10.  2010

Doblar a lo largo de la línea. Guy Ben Ner
DIC 16. 2009 – FEB 28.  2010