programa educativo

This course’s education programme is an underground river.

It appears and disappears.

Its texts are transmitted verbally, that is, via the spoken word.

We would love for anyone to transmit our projects and for them to reach far and wide. So, we have invited the artists we will be working with during this school year to write protocols in order to memorise and explain the programme texts. This way, they won’t be forgotten.

If you are interested in receiving this programme please write to us at or call us on 912760227 and we’ll tell you all about it.


  1. The Art of Happening. Mónica Valenciano

      Protocol for memorising and explaining


  1. Overflowing school. EnterArte


      Protocol for memorising and explaining


  1. Florecer dobladx. BOYA x Seminario Euraca

    Protocol for memorising and explaining


  1. Do Without Being Seen. Black Tulip

     Protocol for memorising and explaining


     5. Taller towers

  • Collaboration with the Children’s Residential Centre 

  • Collaboration with the Federico García Lorca Public School

  • Collaboration with the Europa High School

  • Collaboration with Pablo Neruda Occupational Training Centre

  • Visits

  • An amateur choir

  • Furtive night-time encounters



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