Sesión continua

Aimed at 3rd year Primary School students

This school year, we also offer third year primary school groups the chance to take part in a complementary workshop session in their school. This way, the groups will participate in an initial session in CA2M in which they will focus on the Morning Session (screening and direct animation workshop) followed by a film with camera workshop and stop motion in the classroom.

Accompanied by our educators, the students will discover, hands-on, the first cinematographic tricks. We will experiment with illusionism through simple techniques, taking advantage of the full potential of the special effects to introduce fiction and the fantastical into the educational space.

Maximum 30 students

Intended for
Niños y niñas de 10 a 12 años
Sesión continua + Taller en el centro escolar
Date of event
Enrolment free

Máximo 30 alumumnos