Workshop-project with Beato Simón de Rojas school pupils together with Pilar Álvarez

Taller con Pilar Álvarez
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This Project emphasizes the need to work closely with the neighborhood near the museums offering long-lasting activities to generate stable, flexible and lasting relationships. For third year in a row, CA2M strengthen collaboration with Beato Simón de Rojas School, the closest one to the museum. Alongside the activities designed for the school, CA2M will also offer an extracurricular activity for Third cycle pupils. This time, filmmaker Pilar Álvarez will drive the Project together with CA2M educators. Will we shoot a film? Still to know…

Pilar Álvarez, filmmaker, has screened her work in a number of art centers, collective and solo shows as in Madrid Círculo de Bellas Artes, PHotoEspaña Festival and Cervantes Institute for the D-Generación show. Álvarez shot  Experiencias subterráneas de la no ficción española, in collaboration with Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival, has directed several shortfilms as Sensibilidad, and Arturo y Toma dos were both shot during her studies at the International Film School of Cuba and TV (EICTV).

Collaboration Project with Colegio Beato Simón de Rojas from Móstoles.

Imágenes del taller con Pilar Álvarez
Intended for
Children from 8 to 12
16:30 - 18:00
Taller con Pilar Álvarez
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