Dora García

To plan a performance as if it were a crime. To choose the location, to think about the attitudes, to consider possible setbacks, and to set our watches are only some of the actions and decisions we need to tackle. Once the script is done, coordination among the performers is essential, as well as the negotiation of unforeseen factors. We will dedicate the whole week of the workshop to the planning of this action, and to its later execution, as well as to analyzing and discussing the implications of this kind of performances, where, despite having calculated all factors, the audience is captive, since there is no predetermined way for the action, and the place where it happens is full of unforeseen factors, since it is the public space. We will also analyze works by other artists who have, at some point, "perpetrated" happenings, like Allan Kaprow for Calling, Oscar Massota in The Helicopter or Katerina Seda, Alex Reynolds or Dora García herself in some of her works.

Dora García is an artist whose work is focused on the creation of situations that can de-construct conventions and codes of behavior, especially between the work, the artist, and the spectator. Whether she works in the public sphere, in museums or in galleries, her work explores Brecht's theater, Artaud's impact, but also characters like Lenny Bruce, Jack Smith, or Guy de Cointet. She has researched areas from the inadequate as a mode of dissidence to the role of art practice in the configuration of subjectivity, as well as the questioning of the categories of health and illness.

Since 2009, we have been running a summer performance workshop aimed at teachers, educators, and artists interested in education, with the desire to establish bonds of collaboration, to reflect together with the educators at the Center, the teachers, the assistants, and the guest artist on educational processes and the performative aspect of education. After the workshops with Los Torreznos, Tania Bruguera, Pere Faura, Itziar Okariz, Norberto Llopis and Nilo Gallego, we are planning a new summer performance workshop, in this case, with Dora García.

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10:00 — 14:00 H.