Jarl visita-taller exposición Humor absurdo

We invite groups of secondary school students, who wish to jolly in folly, to take part in this workshop-visit which will explore pieces on view in the exhibition Absurd Humour: A Constellation of Folly in Spain, made up of comic artefacts from, among others, Flavita Banana, Francisco de Goya, Chiquito de la Calzada and Gloria Fuertes.

We seriously believe in the importance of laughing hysterically, from the tips of our toenails, taking us to our wits end and going even further until we come out the other side. Jandemorenawer.

Instructions for absurd actions at home:

_ Day 1: At 7:45 pm applaud a member of your family for 3 minutes (PDF)

_ Day 2: Sing a song to a plant (PDF)

_ Day 3: Write an absurd petition on a big piece of paper. Hang the banner out your window and carry out a silent demonstration march at home (PDF)

_ Day 4: Draw your dreams. Give them to someone close by and ask them to interpret them for you (PDF)

_ Day 5: Only use the vowel ‘a’ during lunch. For instance, “pass ma tha salt plaasa” (PDF)

_ Day 6: Silence the television and try to guess what’s being said (PDF)

_ Day 7: Make a list of the food you have eaten over the last 24 hours and put it in the freezer (PDF)

Directed to
Young people from 13 to 18
11:00 - 13:30 h.
Event Date
Enrolment free

Maximum number of students: 30.