Capsule Collection: Manuel Saiz

Let’s think positive
Manuel Saiz

Picture: Arantxa Boyero.

Let’s Think Positive came about in 2003 as part of the exhibition If Alive that Manuel Saiz presented at the Museu de L’Empordà in Figueres, Girona. The idea behind the exhibition was the beginning of the preparations for his future 65th birthday on the 10th of January 2026. The piece on display – the words We Love Parties – is summed up by the artist as a vanitas in which the inevitable event of his death is highlighted; it also critiques the idea of life as mere entertainment.

The CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo exhibits capsules of its collection – artworks installed almost permanently – in the museum’s transit areas. A video accompanies each piece and puts the work in context in the voice of those responsible for them and of the artists who made them.