Quiela Nuc

Quiela Nuc is an artist, curator, teacher and part of nucbeade. Her audiovisual works are Desertorxs (2017), ШАГ (nucbeade, 2017), Lo quieren todo (2015), Beso con lengua (2015) y IMG_3662 + MOV01C (together with Jorge SQ-R: 2014).

Her artwork, both individual and collective (nucbeade), challenges the border between documentary, Speculative Fiction and performance. Her first medium-length film, Desertorxs, has been part of ALCINE 47 National Competition and was awarded the Special Mention of
the Jury at La Cabina International Medium-length Film Festival of Valencia (Amalgama section). In March 2018, it is presented as an exhibition format in the gallery Club Social de Artistas (Santiago de Chile) and as a single-channel projection in the Worm Gallery (Valparaíso).

Quiela is part of nucbeade, an art collective created with Andrea Beade in 2016. Their first artwork / manifesto, ШАГ, is selected by the online / offline festival QueerTech.io 2018, and displayed in the gallery RMIT Art Intersect (Spare Room) in Melbourne and at the MELT
Festival in Brisbane. It is also awarded the Best visual-aural Interaction at MADATAC 09. From April until June 2018, ШАГ is presented as a video installation at the contemporary art center Künstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), as part of the collective exhibition Capitalo, Chthulu and a much hotter compost pile.

Her research work as a teacher and independent curator addresses identity from very diverse points of view but always from a subversive perspective inscribed on the margins of ferocious, anthropocentric and heteropatriarchal neoliberalism. She has curated audiovisual programs and activities for Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Matadero Madrid and Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid. She has also given workshops and seminars at the contemporary culture center La Térmica, LENS Escuela de Artes Visuales, Centro Cultural de España en Santiago de Chile, 6th Festival Márgenes, Master’s Degree in Public Anthropology (UAM) and Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo.

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Quiela Nuc is an artist, curator, teacher and part of nucbeade.