PICNIC SESSIONS 03/06 - Directos (Live performances)


Producer and DJ. Her sets and live performances move agilely and confidently between different genres, sometimes more abstract and slower, sometimes more direct and danceable. She has released singles on labels such as Hivern, Lapsus, Super Utu, Sinhilo, Tofistock among others, and at the end of 2020 released her first full-length Dulce Rendición (Sweet Surrender) with Paralaxe Editions.

Owner of the Animah Records label, she works on collaborative projects with Phran (People You May Know), and with Darío del Moral, a member of Pony Bravo and Fiera, under the name Bola Del Desierto. She also accompanies Niño de Elche live on synthesisers, keyboards and electronics.

As a composer she has worked creating music and sound space for dance performances: Somewhat Paler (La Pálida) and Várvara by Bárbara Sanchez, Mi Madre Muerta by Greta García and Giselle by the company Kor’sia.

She teaches at schools such as IED (Instituto Europeo Di Design), and The Bass Valley. In addition to all this she has had her own radio show since 2017 on the radio station Dublab Barcelona, called ‘La Guarida’, and she was selected to be a participant at the last edition of RedBull Music Academy in Berlin.


Ylia - Dulce Rendición (Paralaxe Editions, 2020)

Ylia - Golden Plate - Household Choirs (Super Utu, 2020)

Ylia - Regen - Quinze (Lapsus Records, 2020)

People You May Know - One Hand Clap (Hooded Records, 2018) Bola Del Desierto - Bola Del Desierto (Animah Records/DDNS, 2018) In Orbitae (Ylia Remix) (Set Theory Records, 2018)

Mondeorgan (Ylia remix) (Sinhilo, 2018)

Terence - Bubbling Away - MovieMakers (Tofistock, 2018)

Photography: Fabian Brennecke




SLVJ is one of the most important DJs on Madrid’s scene under the label Abismal. She mixes rhythms from a wide spectrum of electronic music; bass, UK funk, techno, IDM, dub techno, Gqom, etc. Her rhythms are produced through field recordings and vocals.

Her sessions reflect the bold sounds of different geographies and scenes. She has deejayed in a wide variety of venues and collaborated with artists from many different disciplines: clubs, raves, squats, festivals and galleries.

SLVJ is one of the founders of the label Abismal, a collective project that revolutionised the way electronic music was first made just on the fringes during the 2010s. Her productions have appeared on labels like FuturePastZine and Caballito. She has performed at festivals including She Makes Noise and In-Sonora in Madrid and Sonoras in Valencia, sharing the bill with artists like Electric Indigo, MBODJ and Gudrun Gut.

Photography​​​​​​​: Eduardo Manzana




Music producer and performer. Bazofia, is a project by Lorenzo Soria, who is also a member of Industrias94, Fiera and Califato •••. His productions are based on the club, punk and electronic music of Seville’s underground avant-garde. Bazofia, his latest project, has elements of breakbeat, chabacana music, post-punk and electro hyper-productions of today accompanied by vocals with acid-house lyrics poured into the punchy sound of the Industrias94 brand.

Photography: Adri off del campo


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