UNIVERSIDAD POPULAR. Carlos Copertone and Clara Moreno

WEDNESDAY 24 NOVEMBER 18:00 - 20:30

Carlos Copertone (editor of Caniche and curator) along with Clara Moreno Cela (artist and cultural mediator) come together on this occasion to discuss the amicable relationship between Art and books. They think about the editing language and the paper, they organise their thoughts in terms of the page limits and speak of their infinite possibilities. Anything that can fill the pages of a book is susceptible to providing a meeting point between the two, and they will do their utmost to take the conversation from the reading couch to the most unsuspecting editorial places. 

Clara Moreno Cela lives, works and is completing her PhD in Madrid. Her work swings between drawing, performance, comics and cultural mediation. She is interested in producing art through everyday means and pours her energy into thinking about the function of intuition in the artistic process, the human-canine relationship and Costumbrist conversations. She works with lo-fi textures and an amalgam of authentic-trash literature. She sometimes sings with her solitary musical project Clara Sings for You, other times she illustrates books, holds interviews, writes or hosts workshops.

Carlos Copertone studied Law and for his PhD studied the ways in which cities grow. As part of his teaching practice, he would take to the streets in order to discover and rethink them: All of this has progressively brought him closer to the field of architecture and of contemporary art. He has curated various exhibits. He also edits books and works closely with Caniche, a publishing house and action platform outside of the traditional gallery circuits that was set up in 2015. He works between Madrid and Bilbao.


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Collage by Clara Moreno based on one of her illustrations and the cover of the book Fantasmita eres pegamento by Leticia Ybarra, published by Caniche Editorial.

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