THE CITY documentary performance. Premiere in Madrid

Sunday 27 February. Closing. Places limited. Two sessions

6:00 pm (previous enrolment required)

8:00 pm (previous enrolment required)

Verónica Navas.

“Oh, another thing! This is the back door to The City (or from above, freefalling through a skylight). These are versions of a place seen or heard and then (re)built in fragments; a vague memory, an imagined image. The City is everything that goes through the head of a person imagining it… in fits and starts. And so The City is always subjective, often subsidiary and, if we’re lucky, shared by us all.” 

In The City, Verónica Navas invokes an intimate experience around an illuminated table, a shared space that receives, diffuses and exchanges information. We recognize it as a table-object, but in fact it is a screen for a film shared in common by the audience, a performer and the urban setting. On this narrative surface, a composition is orchestrated for nine spectators made from live and deferred projections and combined with sheets of paper that, depending on how they are placed and read, give it an architectural almost 3D volume. Verónica intervenes, narrating possible stories, offering gazes and suggesting new points of view. “Start with the small and continue with the small” can be read on a piece of paper held diagonally during a moment in the piece. The City is precisely that: focusing the gaze on small traces, observing and doing so from a distance that almost allows you to touch its fragility and great power. The nine chairs are arranged around it to ensure a close experience, to return from the distance of the pandemic, to be together again and to be part of all the narratives of fiction that happen before our eyes.

Verónica Navas Ramírez works transversely across the performing arts and their intersections with audiovisuals, writing and comics, focusing on documentaries, the status of the spectator and relational aesthetics, site-specificity, field recordings, cityscapes and words. She has presented her on-stage works at festivals such as Temporada Alta en Iberoamérica, Grec Festival in Barcelona, Festival TNT – Terrassa Noves Tendències, Antic Teatre or SÂLMON Festival, among others. Off the stage she works in theatre communication, audiovisual scriptwriting and collective processes of artistic support and learning in schools and education.

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La Ciudad de Verónica Navas. Picture: Alessia Bombaci.

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