Research group at Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló. Reading session on the exhibition and archive for Hypertronix, by Manel Clot
12:00-13:30. Aula

Making the research process prior to the curatorship of the symposium visible is to guarantee that the repertoire of references is transparent, and that the names appear with the reading, either because they are cited or because you can recognize yourself as you share pages with them. This reading session, moderated by the research group on “What can I do with the rest of my body” (comprising the curators of the symposium), invites the EACC research group to explore ways of making memory and building archives from lived experiences, related and investigated around the exhibition “Hypertronix, algunes figures de la cultura juvenil” which Manel Clot curated at EACC in 1999.

The EACC research group is made up of Bartolomé Limón, Rubén Serna and María Sánchez, with the collaboration of Carles Àngel Saurí. The “What can I do with the rest of my body” research group at CA2M is made up of Jesús Alcaide, Néstor García Díaz and Víctor Aguado Machuca.

Magui Dávila: “Writing a Session”
16:00-17:00. SUI

DJ session as a montage-narration relational strategy. Part one: arm and disarm the box of records to find contact stories, broken stories, sounds of resistance assimilated as techno. Part two: produce an experimental story from a brown perspective, a reading situated in bodies that overstep sexo-normative, eurocentric logics.

Magui Dávila investigates the field of self-publishing techno music and art practices with Las Lindas Pobres project; she produces the image for the She Makes Noise  festival and is one half of the deleteD_action_sound duo, and also programmes for art spaces and slow dance clubs. Her doctoral research is centred on what she calls brown techno and production for sessions and labels in Madrid like Stardust, Aback, Cassette Club, Daycap and Semántica Records.

Manuel Segade: “Making The Night”, presentation of symposium.
17:00–17:30. SUI

Ana Laura Aláez, Joan Morey, Carles Congost and Jesús Alcaide: “A Heart Murmur”, selection of frequencies around Manel Clot.
17:30-19:30. SUI

In the mid-1990s Manel Clot’s curatorial language was inflected by a number of references to club culture which were underpinned by his interest in taking art production toward more fragile interstices, under construction, which were witnessing aesthetic, discursive and experiential transformations and new relational strategies that would give rise to other possible forms of institutionality. Projects such as “Club (arts & lounge)”, “Espais de desig”, “Inter/zona” and “Hypertronix” wove a whole weft of professional bonds and affective correspondences that will be explored by this roundtable, moderated by Jesús Alcaide, with Ana Laura Aláez, Joan Morey and Carles Congost; an impure scenification on the ideas, gestures and affects of Manel Clot, an active zone of memory and reception.

Ana Laura Aláez (Bilbao, 1964) belongs to the (post-punk, no future) generation which was heavily marked by a complete rejection of culture. From her earliest works, Ana Laura gave an account of a process of assimilation of issues posed by the foregoing generation, the so-called New Basque Sculpture, while at once introducing corrective elements associated with gender perspective based on the utilization of materials and process-based strategies generally not included in conventional approaches to sculpture.

Joan Morey (Mallorca, 1972) develops a body of work mainly exploring the language of performance, though adopting various means and supports (from live actions and their audiovisual registers to sound pieces, video, installation and graphic work), with issues related with role play, power devices and control over the body.

In his work Carles Congost (Girona, 1970) situates issues related with the fiction of subjectivity and codes of behaviour, adopting and repurposing stereotypical symbols of visual culture, questioning the dynamics and mechanisms of authorship and of creative processes; he does so from photography, video, drawing and, since the mid-1990s, through music composition and production under the name of The Congosound.

The Congosound, DJ selector
1930-20:30. SUI

This selection, based on the memory and visit to Manel Clot’s club in Granollers, is one of many possible which Carles Congost could have made from their shared musical memory; and also of those songs, idols, fictions and scenes shown in all their ambiguity and their art of falling apart. With special thanks to Anna Clot i Garrell.

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