Reading session and shared listening on “More Brilliant Than The Sun”, by Kodwo Eshun
12:00-13:30. Aula

Rethinking Black electro music from sci-fi, recovering the potential of the imaginary, building meaning from outside the discourse, divesting cultural studies of their descriptivist dominance, stopping theory from trying to save art from itself, and making what is figurally possible physically possible: this and much more is dealt with in “More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures In Sonic Fiction” (1998) by Kodwo Eshun, a book that is taken as the core axis of this reading and listening session guided by the symposium curators.

Víctor Aguado Machuca: “Éxtasis; faktura subjetiva”, presentation.
16:00-16:30. SUI

Nayare Soledad Otorongx: “Bodies we don’t dare to imagine”, performance.
16:30-17:30. SUI

“Bodies we don’t dare to imagine” is a research project that cuts across art, transvestism, poetry and noise, at times more individual, at times more collective, bringing together transvested bodies in order to explore and discover the epistemological possibilities produced by the encounter, affect, desire, the gaze and listening between them; possibilities which are not shaped by the complacent cis gaze but by other forms of narrating that eschew tear-jerking, victimizing, extractivist narratives.

From their own practice or participating in collective projects that combine DJing, voguing and transvestism, Nayare Soledad Otorongx explores the intersections between desire, eroticism and pleasure, and, more specifically, the possibilities of kissing, the boundaries between the skin and mouth and how they can be breached, or how to arrive at t4t (trans for trans), if that were in fact a possibility.

Galaxia, Wat3rmami AKA Donovan Toxic: Snap Bitch! X Don’t hit a la negrx
17:30-19:00. SUI

Snap Bitch! is a celebration of racialized, queer, migrant, non-normative bodies through a performance that mixes music and dance. Twerking, rapping, chanting, voguing, catwalking, posing to resist, to give vent to anger, to re-appropriate space and to take pleasure, to celebrate those bodies and their presence.

Don’t hit a la negrx is a festive act of resistance self-run by sexual and gender dissident bodies; Black, Afro-diasporic, Indian-descendent, Cimarron, migrant bodies. They are bound together by music, pleasure and twerking; they resist pleasurably. The backdrops of these parties are redistributed among racialized, migrant, queer, trans, refugee and sexual-worker bodies.

Galaxia (Lima, 1991) is a migrant artist who organizes events, currently working on various art residency projects and creating events and activities to promote Ballroom and other kinds of performing arts in conjunction with the racialized community in Spain under the name of Snap Bitch!

Wat3rmami AKA Donovan Toxic is a transvestite rapper, 2000 vintage, African masculinity and a big fan of Real Madrid CF; aesthetic and gender-terrorist lesbianism, international sexual worker with the Don’t hit a la negrx team, LSS on the Spanish Ballroom scene and holder of 2 Body Grandprizes.


See the resolution of the call for the 27th Image Symposium here.

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