Afro-Consciousness Festival. Friday 9 September

5:00 pm – Rap workshop for young people with Terry Mbá

This workshop explores rap techniques for freestyle, improvisation and rhyming over instrumentals.

Terry Mba currently runs the rap workshops for the Trama association.

7:00 pm – Roundtable on the History of hip hop music on the outskirts of Madrid

with Ana Mayúscula, El Chojin and Frank T. Moderated by Lucía Mbomío

Hip hop culture provided a shared identity on the outskirts of big cities where migrants from different parts of Spain settled. These outlying neighbourhoods and towns, surrounding major cities, were conscious that everything outside the city centre was left to its own devices. The need to tell their own stories about what was happening to them led them to rhyme their stories and to graffiti them on its walls.

Franklin Tshimini Nsombolay, known artistically as Frank T, is a Spanish rapper

Domingo Antonio Edjang Moreno, better known as El Chojin, is a Spanish rapper and composer

Ana Bibang, aka Ana Mayúscula, is a legal consultant specialized in hip hop culture and the rap music industry in Spanish; she is currently an advisor on Immigration and International Mobility.

Lucía Mbomío is a Spanish journalist. She is currently a reporter for the RTVE program Aquí la Tierra and collaborates with various different media.

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