Artistas en residencia 2016

This year the Call for Artists in Residence received a total of 280 projects, a slightly higher figure than last year. We would like to thank all those who responded to our call for their interest and for sending their projects.

The artists chosen for the Artists in Residence programme for 2016 are:

- Lilli Hartmann and Pablo Durango with the project: Welcome Home
- Gérald Kurdian with the project: TRKTV
- Norberto Llopis with the project: The Capitalist (El Capitalista)
- Julián Pacomio with the project: Espacio Hacedor
- Claudia Pagés with the project: Columna/Garganta
- Quim Pujol with the project: El Dr. Mabuse contra Gloria Gaynor
- Silvia Ulloa with the project: Atlas

The Artists in Residence programme is included as an integral part of the annual programming of La Casa Encendida and CA2M. To this end, the chosen projects are those which best respond to the two art centres’ main areas of research and experimentation. As such, Artists in Residence is not aimed exclusively at funding production but rather it is viewed as an opportunity to strike up a dialogue between creators and the agents working with the two art centres and their respective programmes.

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Attendance open and free while places last