In 2018 we are introducing a publishing project in conjunction with the printers ROMA. Together we wish to think about some of the practices proposed by the art centre’s Department of Education and Activities and to then share them in printed format.

Agua de Borrajas is a Spanish expression meaning something like “it came to nothing” and is used to speak about something that is left over and hard to capitalise. Borraja is the Spanish for borage, an uncommon annual herb that people do not often know about or recognise, and which people do not pick when it grows in public spaces, which means that it keeps growing and can be gathered by anyone who knows and values it. To prepare it for eating you have to carefully remove the fine fluff that covers the leaves and stalks. Borage is a sturdy plant yet highly perishable and has beautiful blue flowers.

Each one of the processes will have its own particular formal characteristics and will have a bearing on, among other things, the means of production of the printing, suggestions for each project, and what receives the best response.

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