Chantal Pontbriand

How to create an exhibition on performance in the present time? From what curatorial approach was PER/FORM born? What are the challenges to exhibiting performance nowadays? Why is it important for the museums to conceive new ways of displaying contemporary art? What are the challenges and specific problems, and even the difficulties?

Why is the pragmatic approach ideal to handle performance? What has art history done or not done for performance? How does performance challenge our view of art and art exhibition in the institution or the space and in the public spheres?

What are the precedents for PER/FORM in my career as a curator? How does this project enhance some of my previous work?

What can be done in the future of exhibition practice that takes performativity and contemporaneity into account?

Chantal Pontbriand is art critic and curator. Her work is based on the exploration of questions of globalization and artistic heterogeneity. Since 1970, she has curated numerous international contemporary art events: exhibitions, international festivals and international conferences, mainly in photography, video, performance, dance and multimedia installation.

 She founded PARACHUTE contemporary art magazine in 1975 and acted as publisher/editor until 2007. In 1982 she was president and director of the FIND (Festival International de Nouvelle Danse), in Montreal. She was appointed Head of Exhibition Research and Development at Tate Modern in London in 2010 and since then lives in Paris and has founded PONTBRIAND W.O.R.K.S [We_Others and myself_Research_Knowledge_Systems].

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