We took a map of Móstoles and marked three strategic points on it. When joining them consecutively, a column of smoke and dust and hustle and bustle started to rise from the centre of the drawn figure. The smoke seemed to be a signal and it looked like the signal was a signal of something else but it is only the signal of its own existence and that is what we are looking at right now.

We innocently bid farewell to the smoke although deep down we know that it will eventually dissolve in the clouds and then later come back to Móstoles in the form of rain. Rain can be the start of colds and flus that can also be drawn strategically on the map of Móstoles. In the end we arrive at the sneeze which–in an infinitesimal moment–gives way to wheezing, which is ultimately what we are after.

If a column of smoke is a signal of something, let it be wheezing. Of an old wheeze that already happened but also—and even more incredibly— a possible future wheeze.

Here you can listen to the El triángulo rapporteur-album which Julián Mayorga made following the project on listening carried out with a school, a music conservatory and an experimental choir at the museum in the 2019-2020-2021 school years, extended due to the pandemic, which produced thousands of incredible previously unheard-of sounds.

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Here you can listen to the disc-relation El triángulo made by Julián Mayorga as a result of what happened in the listening project between a school, a conservatory and an experimental choir of the museum in the 2019-2020-2021 academic year, which was extended by the pandemic and which brought thousands of unheard and spectacular sounds.

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disco- relatoria Julián Mayorga
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El Triángulo- Julián Mayorga
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catalogo utray

This exhibition catalogue brings together the works on display, documents, photographs, and texts by Mariano Navarro, María Escribano, María Vela Zanetti and Miguel Cereceda; a writing and poetry anthology by the artist himself; and testimonials by Guillermo Pérez Villalta, Chema Cobo, Fernando Huici, Ignacio Gómez de Liaño, Borja Casani, Mireia Sentís, José Luis Gallero, Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart, Clara Díaz-Aguado, Lola Moriarty, José Tono Martínez, Fernando Castro and Domingo Sánchez Blanco.

Portada Cecilia

CA2M and Turner are producing the Spanish reprint of this book, published in Rotterdam by Kunstinstituut Melly. 

This monograph addresses one of the most multifaceted and fundamental artists in the world of Latin American contemporary art today.


Javi Cruz has a lot to do with the forms of production currently taking place in Madrid that define its contemporary cultural scene today

Grupo de trabajo Autoplacer
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The Autoplacer Working Group was set up to assess how the ongoing COVID-19 health situation has affected the independent music sector.

portada catálogo Los Torreznos

Cuatrocientos setenta y tres millones trescientos cincuenta y tres mil ochocientos noventa segundos was the title of the exhibition, as well as the precise amount of time that Los Torreznos had been working together at that point. In a certain way, it made it seem to us as though during  during those fifteen years, Los Torreznos had created only a single piece of work, one that consisted of counting from 1 to 473,353,890, like they had started counting in February 1999 and had continued non-stop, day and night, in a fifteen-year-long performance.

The catalogue was designed to be a 'mediated artistic space' created through the written word and the absence of images, which represent the axis around which the work revolved. Designed by Susi Bilbao, it contains texts by some thirty authors, among which you can find Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Alberto Ruiz de Samaniego, Kurt Johannessen and Los Torreznos.

3_Eras, de José Luis Brea (extracto)
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3_Eras is an unpublished text by José Luis Brea based on the film version of the book Las tres eras de la imagen. This film, made by María Virginia Jaua and José Luis Brea, included visual and sonic imagery.

Querer parecer noche
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Querer parecer noche brings together different forms of artistic production in Madrid. Its creations are split between a longer tradition of historical nostalgia and the current histrionic moment, with their different sensibilities and ways of living, where the 'local' is built on the fine line between those who live there and those who are passing through.

Ana Laura Aláez. Todos los conciertos, todas las noches, todo vacío
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Todos los conciertos, todas las noches, todo vacío brings some of Ana Laura Aláez's latest works into dialogue with other works from the beginning of her career. The exhibition is cast as a return to the source, going back to the beginning and working in the cracks of the themes that have been a part of her work over the last twenty years.

Departamento de Investigación, Datos, Documentación, Cuestionamiento y Causalidad
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The Departamento de Investigación, Datos, Documentación, Cuestionamiento y Causalidad  was created as a temporary, time-limited space for the study of the collections held by the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo. It has been held for six months as a workshop reflecting on what it means to be a contemporary art museum through the presentation of case studies, group readings, meeting with artists and researchers, and participation in the Colección XIV: Pública exhibition.