Portada Cecilia

CA2M and Turner are producing the Spanish reprint of this book, published in Rotterdam by Kunstinstituut Melly. 

This monograph addresses one of the most multifaceted and fundamental artists in the world of Latin American contemporary art today.


Javi Cruz has a lot to do with the forms of production currently taking place in Madrid that define its contemporary cultural scene today

Triggering impulses, working in an experiential way, promoting critical attitudes through action, involving the body in learning processes ... These educational practices, in tune with the centre’s educational philosophy, are based on the construction of knowledge through experience. Thus, the exhibition’s performative routes focus on the spectator's experience and turn their gaze towards current art. In this way, we create meeting spaces in which to experiment and construct critical discourse regarding contemporary work. 

At this time, we wish to invite you to visit two of CA2M’s exhibitions with us.
On Saturdays at 6:30 PM we propose visiting TRÉMULA, artist Javi Cruz’s exhibition, together. And on Sundays at 12:30 PM, VEROÍR EL FRACASO ILUMINADO (EXPERIENCE THE ILLUMINATED FAILURE) by the artist Cecilia Vicuña. There will be a maximum of 6 people.

To sign up, write to educacion.ca2m@madrid.org or call 91 276 02 21. You can also come directly to the museum and, if there are not too many of us, join the tour by leaving your details at reception. We take all of these measures in order to take care of ourselves and to take care of you, though we are aware that these measures may change according to the situation. We look forward to meeting up with you again.

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Triggering impulses, working in an experiential way, promoting critical attitudes through action, involving the body in learning processes ... These educational practices, in tune with the centre’s educational philosophy, are based on the construction of knowledge through experience.

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Performative routes 2021
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Foto Sue Ponce

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Every weekend until the closing of the exhibitions
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Francesc Ruiz's first major exhibition at a state museum in Spain is a retrospective and an exhibition of new works.

Obituary is a live monologue performed by the artist which falls apart and eats itself.

Combining characters and motifs from past work, the performance acts as a parody of Plato’s cave and an expansion of the language found in Matt Copson’s animation and installation work.

This is his first fully-fledged performance with live soundtrack by long-time collaborator felicita.


Matt Copson was born in 1992 in Oxford, England. His work uses theatrical devices and artistic tropes to create existential dramas of contemporaneity, abstraction, eternal recurrence and the uncanny.
His shown exhibitions and projects at CLEARING (Brussels) Swiss Institute (New York), Louis Vuitton Foundation (Paris), Mönchehaus Museum (Goslar) and Serpentine Sackler Gallery (London). In 2022, he will premiere ‘Last Days’, his first opera as a librettist and director, at the Royal Opera House, London.


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As part of the exhibition Myriad Reflector, which will be activated through a programme of nocturnal flashes of different rhythms and intensities, the artist Matt Copson will perform a performance entitled Obituary. ​

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Obituario Matt Copson
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Matt Copson. Courtesy of the artist.

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To celebrate International Museum Day, CA2M has come up with a new way of activating its collection and making it more widely accessible.

“ASSOCIATED MAKING. ASSEMBLY KIT OF PIECES FROM THE CA2M COLLECTION” is a curatorial programme by Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo that views the exhibition as an open, imaginative and surprising reflection in which artists, institutions and audiences can collectively rethink our contemporaneity.

Mitsuo Miura
Mitsuo Miura. Almost 400m2 of Wellbeing

Mitsuo Miura arrived to Barcelona from Japan in 1966 with a suitcase in either hand and just a bare few words of Spanish. Armed with his oriental tempo, he sat down on a bench in Plaza de Cataluña to watch how this city by the sea passed by. Ever since, the young Japanese artist never stopped observing each and every one of the landscapes in which his personal life experiences have been played out. And so we could view his exhibitions as invitations to contemplation and displacement, almost always related with wellbeing, memory and pleasure.


Can moving arms, legs, hair be inspiring for a movement, a coming uprising for more joyful and equal ways of living together? Engaged with the precarious moment of taking the stage—a moment which allows for one’s visibility while at the same time disclosing one’s fragility—Portrait of a Movement addresses questions of pleasure, power, and radical difference. Two large film installations form the core of the exhibition: while engaging with dance movements and artistic collaborations, they explore abstraction’s potential for resistance in the face of reactionary politics.

Martin Wong

Malicious Mischief is the result of exhaustive research into the artist’s life’s work with a view to expanding its narrative and recognition among European audiences, spanning from his early creations on the East coast to his work in the late-90s before he died from AIDS-related illness. 

Myriad Reflector

Myriad Reflector is an exhibition exercise into the nocturnality. Conceived as a multilayered score unfolding through time, the contributions of artists —composed by light, sonic, rhythmic, smell, haptic, and choreographic elements— intermingle in a kaleidoscopic display defined by disorientation, refractive perspectives, and sensual textures.