Pensamiento y debate

The Research, Data, Documentation, Enquiring and Causation Department (DIDDCC) is a temporary and intermittent structure, directed by Sergio Rubira, that constitutes a space for the study and collaborative research of the museum institution and what it means to call the CA2M by that name

Pensamiento y debate

Hay otros mundos, pero están en este”. Esta frase del poeta surrealista Paul Eluard queremos aplicarla a nuestros barrios, a nuestros municipios, a nuestros entornos cotidianos. Por ello afirmamos que “hay otros Móstoles, pero están en este”. 

Previous Thinking

Ese zumbido azul

Even if we wanted to, we cannot kill our dead. The dead have summoned us to undertake certain tasks, and so we carry them around with us in our lives every day, in little gestures and flashes of very intense sensations. How can we share these losses, the part of them that has stuck to us, their strange temporalities, the hankering to bury our heart, the pain of Blue — the uncertain stumbling Buzz —?

Grupo de investigación Qué puedo hacer con lo que resta de mi cuerpo

One can recognize in the texts by Manel Clot a multiplicity of incipient ideas, obsessive desires, rough references, the validity of nostalgia, inopportune utopias and sudden fatigues that traverse the fleetingness of the sentence and dominate his thinking almost permanently. They are not anachronisms but rather reminiscences of the 1990s.

Grupo de Investigación Susana

The need to ask ourselves about the possibilities for engaging today with the live arts has encouraged SUSANA to pose questions from where we observe, reflect on and implement the reality in which we inhabit. How do we create an axis that structures this reality in order to address it?

Image Symposium
5, 6 and th JULY

One year later, the question that underpins these conferences, challenges us, if possible, even more directly For which bodies, for what histories. In the face of the general uncertainty and the absolute lack of historical precedence that we are going through, this question confronts us with the contingency of history in the materiality of our bodies given the very violence that a brutal and savage irruption like this pandemic entails. We are confident that the curatorial threads - which were once amassed with rigour and care, and which are now being taken up again with the understanding of a vital transformation - continue to make sense.

Agua de borrajas, Colección de colecciones
Editorial project

Agua de Borrajas is a joint publishing project run by CA2M’s education department and the Roma printers. We are going to do things that last, that take time and that need time. We will make sure that whatever it is that is coming down the line will find us with our hands busy.

Grupo de trabajo autoplacer
Pensamiento y debate
20, 23, 24 and 25th Novembre (11 to 17h)

The Autoplacer Working Group emerged in order to analyse how the current COVID-19 health crisis has affected the independent music sector.

Thinking Publications

Grupo de trabajo Autoplacer
Pensamiento y debate

The Autoplacer Working Group was set up to assess how the ongoing COVID-19 health situation has affected the independent music sector.

3_Eras, de José Luis Brea (extracto)

3_Eras is an unpublished text by José Luis Brea based on the film version of the book Las tres eras de la imagen. This film, made by María Virginia Jaua and José Luis Brea, included visual and sonic imagery.

Agua de borrajas. Colección de colecciones
Agua de borrajas

En 2017 el Departamento de Educación del CA2M preguntó a los asistentes de Pero... ¿Esto es Arte? si alguien era coleccionista. A raíz de esto nos contactaron nueve personas con las que nos fuimos encontrando para hablar de sus cosas y de la vida.

Agua de borrajas. Posters Acento
Agua de Borrajas

Agua de Borrajas, junto con las residentes de Acento, produjeron una publicación que se completaba al final de los tres días de la muestra.

I.V.M. Oficina de gestión, isidoro Valcárcel Medina

El libro I.V.M. Oficina de Gestión, editado por el CA2M y Entreascuas Editores, reúne el resultado del trabajo de la Oficina de Gestión de Ideas, en particular los 107 proyectos que fueron admitidos y contestados.